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London has plenty of treats for the tourist. There are gardens, palaces, museums, nature, animals, food, entertainment, fashion and what not. You just need to know your places and for that, the best way is to check reliable literature referring to your places of interest. Internet is a very good option for finding out about places and their famous spots. Once you are done with the search, it’s time to fix your touring schedule, most recommended when travelling with children or your family. In the text below, you will find out some of the popular and interesting places in London that you must visit. So, read on!

Buckingham palace is a beautiful and massive building made for royalty. Its structure and design speak of supremacy and richness of the British culture and history. If you wish to see the insides of the palace drop in during the month of august (3rd to 31st ) or September (1st to 29th). Special winter opening also exists and dates can be confirmed through their official website.

Apart from palaces, the museums of London like the natural history museum or the Victoria and Albert museum are very good places to visit and the best part is its free entry. If your children seem to be complaining about lack of fun then it is time to take then to the magical tour of Harry Potter Warner Brothers Museum, it is amazing.

The well kempt beautifully sculpted gardens of London are also praiseworthy. They have plenty to keep you mesmerised for an entire day. Truly beautiful and well preserved. When food is on your mind enjoy a delicious platter at any of the fantastic restaurants dispersed throughout London. If your visit is during the peak season, make sure you book a shelter in advance. There are plenty of budget hotels near Westminster and City Hotel London is the best.

There are many hotels in central London catering to the needs of a newcomer to the city. Very few of these are actually welcoming and worth the money you pay. City hotel London is one among the best budget hotels near Westminster that can be booked from any part of the world via internet.