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Hotels with easy access to Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf, a large shopping centre and office area in East London, gets thousands of travellers visiting it every year. The three towers in the complex, comprising the 1 Canada Square, 8 Canada Square, and Citigroup Centre, are the three tallest buildings in the country, and consequently, continue to fascinate tourists. One Canada Square is the tallest among the three buildings, rising to a height of 235 meters over sea level, and having 50 floors! Tourists flock to the area throughout the year, to catch a glimpse of the magnificent triplet towers, and spending a few days for shopping and sightseeing.

Are you planning to take a vacation in this popular tourist spot? Then, you should start planning now. London hotel accommodation, especially in the Canary Wharf region, is a lucky find for most travellers almost throughout the year, thanks to the widespread popularity of the region among travellers. Affordable hotels in this central London area are even harder to find. That is why you should book a space for you in advance, to make sure you dont have to end up in a fix later on. Bed and Breakfast hotels with easy access to Central London are another option, and if you are low on budget, these can provide great alternative options.

Almost all hotels with easy access to Canary Wharf are equipped with modern amenities. Even at budget priced accommodations, you can expect the following facilities:

  1. Sumptuous breakfasts in the morning, usually included within the room charges. Some hotels even provide the breakfast as a complimentary service.

  2. Free television channels are available for viewing, along with Wi-Fi internet accessibility.

  3. Excellent room service, with friendly staff ready to help you out in case of any problems.

  4. Bar and restaurants, to make sure you dont have to eat out (unless you specifically want to do that).

  5. Security boxes to keep your valuables within.

  6. Friendly staff at reception, and security officers to ensure your safety during stay.

  7. Car parking facility to make sure you can park even the cars you hire for travelling around during your stay.

  8. Laundry and dry cleaning facility to make sure you dont have to worry about those menial tasks during your stay.

  9. Comfortable access to tube stations and bus routes to make sure you can travel around with less hassles, and more fun.

If you are planning to take a trip to the Canary Wharf, make sure you check out City Hotel on Osborne Street prior to your visit. You will find excellent deals that you may find a little too lucrative to pass up.