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Affordable Budget Hotels Central London

Looking for Cheap Hotels in Central London?

Your search ends here at City Hotel London, which is one of the best sources for budget accommodation yet regal hospitality. And to find such a place in this bustling city is a miracle of its own.

Each year, thousands of tourists come down to the heart of the Brit culture, only to find that either the hotels available in and around the most important landmarks in the city are too expensive for their budgets, or compromise on quality for money. Hotels with easy access to London Bridge for instance, are a tad too expensive for the common tourist, even for those who are ready to go out on a limb to find such accommodation in earnest.

And this is exactly where City Hotel London steps into the picture. Based at a strategic location that keeps the London Bridge, the London Eye and several other such crucial landmarks within a stone's throw for the guest, it also offers the highest quality of hospitality available in the city today.

The sheer range of rooms available speaks volumes about the versatility of the hotel, with bedrooms that can accommodate from a single individual to about a family of five! And unlike other cheap hotels in central London, City Hotel London has been the hallmark of quality, irrespective of the budget or type of room you choose to move in to.

From hosting its own car parking area to a well-furnished bar and restaurant space, the hotel has entertainment options galore. For being a budget hotel with easy access to the London Eye, tourists can actually walk out to the sight-seeing spots and come back in a jiffy.

Apart from these facilities, the City Hotel London prides itself in being a state-of-the-art facility. This is vindicated by the fact that of all the hotels with easy access to Tower of London or best cheap hotels in central London for that matter, it is one of the few that hosts an "online concierge" that offers updates on the city. This includes weather updates, concerts, exhibitions, sports, popular travel itineraries and listings of famed Brit theatre schedules! Updated in conjunction with changes in real-time, this feature easily makes The City Hotel London one of the prime destinations for tourists flying in to the city.

So what are you waiting for? Visit City Hotel London's official site to know more about their services. And you will soon find that staying here is a luxury in its own right, albeit without the financial headache!